Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Domestic USA

We ship all U.S. orders via United States Postal Service with 3 to 7 days for delivery. A shipping charge of $6.99 applies to all U.S. orders.

International (including Canada & Mexico)

International shipping is also via the United States Postal Service at a charge of $25.99 which will be applied to your credit card. Please allow 14 to 21 business days for delivery.

Important note to our International Customers

Overseas customers please note important information regarding International shipping of DHEA (one of the ingredients in Naturatropin): Because many Countries impose restrictions or have banned the import of DHEA, please research your Country's rules and regulations regarding the importation of this dietary supplement. If DHEA is a restricted import it will likely be returned, impounded, confiscated or destroyed and you will not receive your package delivery. You may even be required to pay fines for attempting to import a banned product. If you order from Katana Nutritional Research you agree that you will not hold us responsible or accountable should you not receive your shipment or should you suffer any financial losses as a result of your attempts to import this product. If you order from Katana Nutritional Research and you have us ship this item to you internationally, and you do not receive delivery of this item, our responsibility to you will only extend so far as to demonstrate by USPS tracking that we did in fact mail your package. We will only issue you a refund of your purchase price for this product in the case that your package is returned to us. Shipping charges, however, will not be refunded.